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‘to laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.’

I'm a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and a Reiki Master practitioner. I live and work in Cheshire. I'm based in Winsford.

I have been practising Yoga for 20 years, and teaching now for 10 years. I started doing Yoga as a result of trying to rehabilitate a back injury. Not only did my yoga help improve the condition of my back, it left me feeling relaxed yet revitalised. The more I practiced the more I wanted to practice. I found that not only was my body feeling great but my mind was calmer, my emotions were more stable and positive. I found myself with increased energy yet steady thought processes.

Gradually I fell in love with Yoga and became curious about the principles and history of this ancient science. For me the postures or asanas were just a starting point. As I understood myself more I developed my understanding and compassion for others too. In teaching Yoga I hope to share this love and help others to take better care of themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally.

My interest in Reiki surfaced after I had been practising Yoga for a while. It's my belief that Yoga re-ignited my curiosity about life and opened me up to Reiki energy. Through my Reiki Master Chris Parkes I can trace my particular tradition directly back to Doctor Usui in Japan.

I believe that Reiki energy is universal energy, we all can have access to it and conduct it, we only need to attune ourselves to it.

During my 10 years working with Reiki energy I have found it interesting and rewarding. I have worked with the energy on my own wellbeing; physical, mental and emotional. I have been able to support and help friends and family with the gift of healing energy both in person and at distance with sometimes incredible results. I also understand that Reiki energy helps me on my own journey of development as a person and healer, trying to uncover the mystery of life.

For 20 years I worked in mainstream business for a multinational company in many different roles. It was fast paced and demanding as are many industries these days with often long hours. My Yoga and Reiki gave me an antidote to this hectic sometimes chaotic business world, it helped me to remember my humanity, be focussed and keep life in perspective.

My work involved training and developing others in general management skills as well as specific technical competence. As part of working for the organisation I completed intense training on managing our attitude, to stay positive, resourceful and level headed. My role was to engage people with the training so that they were able to give excellent service to others. This gave me a set of skills which can help a person to take control of their own destiny, by working postively to grow and develop into their best selves and realise their full potential. So I can also offer a coaching service to others around managing their attitude to get more out of their life or work.

My other interests in life are the natural world, hill walking, running, cycling, baking, cooking, gardening and traditional remedies. I love living in the UK and try to make the most of my surroundings.

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Testimonials - What my Clients say about me......

Yoga Clients

'Like a lot of people I find it hard to let go and come down off the frantic hamster wheel of life. I like to run and cycle .....I am not breathing properly, even breathing shallow and keeping my stomach tight, hunching up my shoulders... I was fed up and wanted to do some yoga to see if I could get out of bad habits.....[Kate]has given me some small techniques that I can incorporate into my everyday life. I am more body aware. The best part is the wonderful blackout sleep after yoga. Nothing wakes me!'
Karen, Winsford

'I wanted to reduce my stress levels, become calmer, take some time outand work on shoulder/neck tension. Its all this and more. I get a bit of me time with a relaxing, gentle and kind teacher. I feel positive at the end, like I canbetter face the week ahead.'
Sarah, Kelsall

'I started going to yoga to relax and become more flexible, in the classes there is a relaxed atmosphere, its like you're doing yoga with a room full of friends. My original objective has been fulfilled as I'm much more flexible now, and cope with life's stresses alot better'
Sarah, Cheshire

'When I started the yoga classes I was suffering with a bad back, knee problems and wanted to improve my posture. Kate is aware of my problems and helps me with the stretches. Its fun and relaxing, I've improved my posture and I'm able to manage the other problems.'
Jo, Winsford

'I decided to go to yoga to deal with life's stresses better, become more relaxed and flexible. The classes have a relaxed atmosphere and you are encouraged to exercise at your own pace. Kate is so friendly and really helps everyone of all abilities to get the best out of their yoga. I would definately recommend Kates classes to anyone.'
Sarah, Winsford

'I had done yoga before but had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I feel it helps me to relax, sleep better and my joints are feeling much more flexible. I think Kate is quite an inspiration - she makes it fun but serious and informative as well'
Angela, Winsford

'I love the fact that [Kate] explains all of the postures, their benefits and gives us feedback all the way through. I feel more relaxed and my flexibility has definitely increased'
Charmaine, Winsford

'I am a complete beginner and visited Kate's yoga class to see what yoga is all about. Yoga had been recommended to me, as I suffered from reactive arthritis in 2009 and my joints still struggle to be as flexible as they used to be. Kate ensures she understands why you attend her classes, so that she can tailor the yoga exercises to you. You are encouraged to exercise at your own pace, whilst ensuring you achieve everything your mind and body will allow. Kate has the ability to work with a class of individuals who have different yoga abilities and still motivate each and every person to achieve their goals whilst ultimately having an uplifting and fun experience. Kate is highly recommended and I would encourage anyone (experienced or not in Yoga) to go along to Kate's classes, as I am sure you will enjoy and be motivated.'
Louise, Cheshire

'I like the informal, small classes with a warm, friendly atmosphere. I am able to take things at my own pace and chat about any problems with postures. My general fitness and flexibility has improved. I feel more relaxed and less anxious when I practice regularly.'
Jo, Middlewich

'My work life is hectic and stressful and I thought yoga would teach me to be more in control and able to better understand and listen to the inner me....I certainly unwind and feel rejuvenated. Although I'm tired it's a content kind of tred.... Kate makes me feel welcome and relaxed. I enjoy everything and certainly feel the benefit ofreleasing pent up emotions in stretches an breathing.'
Julie, Winsford

'[Kate] is a good teacher, showed what to do beforehand, I never feel rushed or lost for instruction... I can't do some of the postures but never feel that I need to exert myself, I'm happy to do my own thing.'
Joanne, Manchester

About Me, Testimonials and Website links. Library Image: Embrace the Day

Reiki Clients

'I have had both in person and distance reiki from Kate and each time it has been a fantastic experience. I had a bad shoulder on and off for years and after the initial in person treatment it moved to the other side and within a day it was gone. I have had no problems since, not even when stressed and that's when it would've been worse. Would recommend and will be using again.'
Tanya, Cheshire

'Probably like many others, I had heard about Reiki but never really appreciated how it worked, hence I didn't fully understand how it could help me.... I was in a pretty bad place, my health had deteriorated very quickly and was having lots of tests, for a while we didnt know what it was. My body was so fatigued and I was completely exhausted all the time. Its not an intrusive treatment and I found it very relaxing, it was effective from the very first session. I definately had more energy after the treatment and I found I slept better at night too.
Thanks for all your help and support.'
Denise, Shropshire

'I had the pleasure of receiving reiki treatment from Kate in April 09. I had been through a difficult time in my personal life and my
self confidence was very low. I found that reiki worked for me in several different ways. First it was very relaxing, helping me to clear my mind and took me to a place free of distractions. This clearing of the mind helped me to focus on the positive things in my life. Once the treatment had finished I felt energised and refreshed.

Kate is very easy to talk to and I find her approach comforting. If you are a little nervous or not sure what to expect, I would say give
it a go, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.'
Sara, Sale

Yoga Websites I like......

British Wheel of Yoga, the governing body for yoga in the UK. To find out more click British Wheel of Yoga

Rosemary Bennett, my British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Teacher in Liverpool., offering teacher training and many other opportunities. To find out more click Prema Yoga

I Heart my Yogi website helps you find a local class when you are away from home or when you first move to an area with yoga teachers listed around the country. Check out Whitegate Stationhouse Cafe


Reiki Websites I like...

My Reiki Master, based in South Manchester offering a range of learning opportunities around reiki. To find out more click The Reiki School

Pet-sitting and Reiki healing for pets in Manchester. To find out more click Whiskers

Interesting Websites....

Root & Flower - fresh organic products made in the UK, including a lovely range of Yoga products , go on have a look you know you want to

Utkinton Village Hall , the centre of the village location for my Monday evening yoga

Cotebrook Village Hall, the light and airy space of my new venue for daytime yoga, Tuesday mornings

Hazelmere Communty, the friendly and welcoming venue for my Tuesday evening Yoga class

Whitegate Stationhouse Cafe - Charming Community Cafe on the Whitegate Way serving all sorts of deliciousness, treat yourself

Kendall Bank Farm - Willow weaving and felt making courses and commissions, as well as bed and breakfast and a camping site in a heavenly part of the North Yorkshire dales.

Simon Raeburn Photography - Friendly, helpful, professional photographer and videography in Cheshire

Maverick Hair - Hair is their religion! - a talented team lead by my fabulous nephew

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