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Before you join a class

I need to know a little background about your general health and wellbeing so you can complete the following and bring them to class
Health Questionnaire
Alongside this there is a disclaimer for you to read which you are signing for with your health questionnaire
Yoga Class Disclaimer

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Energise...with Yoga

How about a daily practice of Downward Dog or a Warrior variation to keep you feeling energised and warm. You could work on gradually building the number of deep, even and comfortable breaths you can manage whilst holding the postures. Holding the postures builds strength by resisting the impact of gravity on your body as well as heating the body. Holding postures for a little while also has the benefit of building a state of inner quiet (if you can stay focussed on what you are doing and stay in each moment that is). To help you unwind before bedtime how about a supine twist or some cat stretches to release tension in the back and shoulders? Oooh and in this cold weather look after your extremities with some joint freeing finger and toe flexing and stretching.

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Calm and Peace ....... through the breath

And on the subject of quiet and inner stillness why not take 5 minutes each day to be totally focussed on the flow of your own breath it can work like magic. As you focus try to slow it down taking deeper breaths each time. Just watch that the breath stays even and gentle, don’t force it. Don’t worry if at first if you find this difficult, if you practice everyday and be gentle with yourself it will soon begin to lengthen. Practising smooth, even and deep breathing over time will become natural to you and when you need it you will be able to use it to calm and soothe yourself. In the periods of calm and stillness you make for yourself there are often inspirations and revelations which can improve your quality of life or solve a Christmas dilemma.


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